CONFERENCE SCHEDULE 2020-06-23T15:25:15+00:00


The conference will be held online and/or live depending on the international healthcare and safety recommendations on the dates set for the conference, the 21st and 22nd of October.

On the 23rd of October a conference programme with cultural and more business-related activities is being planned. Further information will be delivered in due course.


All online sessions of the conference run on Microsoft Teams, a platform for video conferencing, collaborative tools, document sharing and discussion forums.

In order to access the sessions, delegates are required to have:

  • A computer or laptop with camera, microphone and headphones

  • A good Internet connection, preferably cable or Wi-Fi

The use of a smartphone is strongly discouraged. The size of the screen makes it difficult to attend and participate in the best possible way all activities. In this case, the use of a tablet is preferable, although the best options are to follow the conference programme on the computer or laptop.

Each Session will have a Chair and technical support (in English or French) in order to facilitate the participation of everyone registered. Tests will be hold in the previous week. More information will be provided by e-mail to delegates in due time.

For delegates attending GFC2020 live, the venue is

University of Lyon 2

Rue Pasteur 92 et 86, 69007 Lyon – France
Full Programme

Information forthcoming