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Sylvie Marot

A graduate in Performing Arts and Art History, Sylvie Marot is a fashion heritage consultant, exhibition curator and author.

In 2001, she debuted as a curator with the inaugural exhibition Habits de Recherche at the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie in Saint-Etienne. In charge of the museum’s textile collections (world’s 1st collection of ribbons) until 2004, she invigorated the contemporary fashion and Haute Couture acquisition policy. From 2005 to 2013, she ran the Heritage Department of Marithé+Francois Girbaud. She worked on the brand’s first monograph From stone to light (Lamartinière, 2012).

Sylvie Marot orchestrated the exhibitions for a succession of Saint- Etienne International Design Biennials and their catalogues : Design de mode (2002), Les Enrubannées (2006), Design Transversal: Maurizio Galante / Tal Lancman (2010), L’Autre Jean (2012).

Sylvie Marot is active in schools and universities, including the University of Fashion in Lyon (France). She authored The French Ribbon (Pointed Leaf Press, 2014) ; and contributed to Kimono Now (Minami, Prestel Ed., 2015), Fashion Curating (Marchetti, HEAD, 2016).

Her catalogue, Anne Valérie Hash. Décrayonner, taking the eponymous title of the exhibition staged at the Museum of Lace and Fashion in 2016, was awarded the 2017 Grand Prix for Fashion Books.

Her last exhibition Haute Dentelle created at the Cité de la dentelle et de la mode in 2018 (Calais, France) is actually on display at the TextielMuseum (Tilburg, Netherlands).


Odile Prémel

Odile Prémel has graduated in Modern and Contemporary Archaeology at the University Paris 4 – Sorbonne. Odile is in charge for the management of the collections of patrimony CHANEL. Her duty is to preserve and add value to all collections of the brand, in terms of clothing, leather goods, watches and jewelry and also perfumes and beauty.

CHANEL is one of the most well-known and cherished luxury fashion brands at a global level. Odile Prémel works with a team offering to the creative direction references to creativity and innovation preserving the values so keen to the brand and leading CHANEL into the future.

Clément Trouche

Clément Trouche is an historian of Art and conducts research on the traditions of the provencal costume, particularly the costume of Arles.

He was Responsible for the Museum Souleiado, and at present he works for “Maison Fragonard”, à Grasse and Paris where he is in charge of the patrimony of this well-renowned brand of perfumes and fragrances.

For fifteen years he has preserved and added value to the collection of costumes of Arles from the 18th, 19th and 20th century from Odile and Magali Pascal. This collection has lead with the support of the family Fragonard to the creation of the Museum of Costume at Arles, including also the patrimony of costumes and jewelry belonging to the family.

Clément has written recently a book and curated an exhibition about the Painter Antoine Raspal (1738-181) which is a significant contributor to the recognition of Fashion in Arles at the 18th century.

Clément Trouche collaborates with several artists and photographers on the diffusion of research on fashion of Arles.