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Raw Power Movement

Amid rising anger and a state of fierce political awakening — brought on by growing prejudice, polarisation and the destructive impacts of austerity — Raw Power Movement are a group who recognise the need to channel an emergent wave of progressive energy into a muscular and robust grassroots force for change.

Understanding how privilege (whether due to race, class, gender, education et al) gives them access to networks not available to many underprivileged groups and seeing how this access can be seen as capital, RPM wants to transfer the capital to support the fight and share the networks with the smaller activist organisations and charities, which often struggle with resources and funding. RPM connects highly skilled creatives, professionals and experts with them, in pro bono ‘Power Up’ projects. Every project RPM sets up aims to support groups who centre the voices of lived experience in their work, to bridge the gap between the creative and social sectors and attract new activists to join their community to dream up creative projects that amplify the voices of dissent.