All Sessions will be held ONLINE with IN PERSON events: Visit to ACS – Advanced Clothing Solutions on the 16th of November, Thursday, Lunch and visits to Fashion Companies and the National Museum of Scotland on the 18th of November, Saturday.

These moments are opportunities for delegates who are in Scotland, or willing to come in a sustainable way, to get in touch and do networking exploring common interests and opportunities of collaboration. Opportunities to have “rooms” ONLINE for the same purposes will be available too.

For the time being only the time in Scotland is mentioned, other time zones will be added in due time.

Meeting point – 12 AM – Glasgow (more information to be added soon)

ONLINE – Welcome and Opening of Conference at ACS premises

Innovation for the Common Good in the Scottish Fashion Industry
Circular Economy and Sustainability at ACS

Keynote Speakers to be confirmed soon

LIVE Visit to ACS Advanced Clothing Solution Delegates in Scotland.

Established in 1997, ACS mission is to be a leading enabler of the fashion industry’s circular economy in the UK and Europe by providing Third Party Logistics & Reverse Logistics (to the Brands’ business of Resale and Rental) fulfillment services sustainably. To do so, ACS provides brands and retailers with a profitable, circular fashion solution that extends the life of clothing and diverts textile waste from landfill.

Get to know more about the brand HERE.

Information to be provided ONLINE for delegates at distance.

9 AM (Edinburgh) – Opening

Innovation for the Common Good in the Scottish Fashion Industry.

Mark Hogarth

Creative Director of Harris Tweed


11 AM (Edinburgh)

Innovation for the Common Good.
Education for Sustainability.

Kirsti Reitan Andersen
Danish Royal Academy

Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen
Copenhagen Business School

Emanuela Mora

Lindsey Carey
Glasgow Caledonian University


Lunch break

Parallel Sessions

5 PM

Innovation for the Common Good.
How to use Blockchain. A comparative Law perspective.

Cristina Poncibò
University of Turin

9 AM (Edinburgh) – Opening

Innovation for the Common Good Sustainable Finance. ESG and the Fashion Industry.

Fabrizio Ferraro – IESE Business School


10.30 AM

Creativity, Innovation and Fashion Heritage
Tartan and Highland Style.

Rosie Waine
Art Historian, Author, Independent Curator

Jonathan Faiers
Winchester School of Art – University of Southampton


1 PM

LIVE  Lunch Dovecot Studios  Edinburgh  Know more about Dovecot Studios HERE.

Dovecot is a world-renowned tapestry studio in the heart of Edinburgh and a landmark centre for contemporary art, craft and design. Established in 1912, Dovecot continues a century-long heritage of collaboration with international artists to make exceptional handwoven tapestries and gun-tufted rugs.

Alongside the tapestry studio, Dovecot run an exciting programme of exhibitions and events to further explore contemporary art, craft and design.

2 PM

LIVE Suggested Visits to the Fashion Collection of the National Museum in Edinburgh and Visits to Fashion companies in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

GFC2023 Best Research Awards

Invitation to GFC2024



Closing of GFC2023