Parallel Session – Day 1 – 21 October

Fashion Communication & Sustainability

Chair: Silvia Pérez Bou – ISEM Fashion Business School – Madrid – Spain

RP35 Fashion brands websites as a potential channel to educate sustainable consumers PÉREZ-BOU, Silvia
MIR BERNAL, Pedro – ISEM Fashion Business School – Madrid – Spain
RP38 Help! Microfibre pollution (MFP) – Can nudging induce learning and action? YAN, Songyi
JONES, Celina  – University of Manchester – UK
RP43 Toward total traceability in fashion industry for full transparency communication to consumer OSPITAL, Pantxika
MASSON, Dimitri H
BELER, Cédrick – University of Bordeaux – ESTIA Institute of Technology – France

Sustainability Communication

Chair: KANER, Gul – Istambul University – Turkey

WORKS 1: Experimenting and Evaluating Sustainable Fashion Label

Fashion Education

Chair: SNARE Eleanor and Thomai PAPATHANASIOU – Leeds Arts University – UK

Works 2: Problem-based learning as ethical enquiry in fashion branding and communication education

Fashion Education

Chair: Lindsey Carey – Glasgow Caledonian University – Scotland – UK

Testim2 Sustainable Fashion Employability Skills (SFES) Erasmus + Strategic Partnership – The Journey so Far DRYLIE CAREY, Lindsey – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK
CERVELLON, Marie-Cecile – Edhec – France
CORREIA, Pedro – University of Madeira – Portugal
DIAZ SOLOAGA, Paloma – Universidad de Villanueva – Spain
GALAN CUBILLO, Esteban – Universidad Politecnica de Valencia – Spain
Testim4 Developing a Fashion-Tech Educational model, hybridizing design, engineering, and business management education CASCIANI, Daria  – Polytechnic of Milan – Italy
COLOMBI, Chiara – Polytechnic of Mian – Italy
CHAE, Youngjin – University of Delft – Netherlands
JANSEN, Kaspar – University of Delft – Netherlands
RP21 Fashion Design Education – Towards Twin Transition
Developing multidisciplinary skills for future professionals
VANDI, Angelica – POLIMI – Milan – Italy

Fashion Education

Chair: Giovanni Maria Conti – Polytechnic of Milan and Milano Fashion Institute

RP9 Bringing responsible fashion approaches to the fashion industry: a new educational model CONTI, Giovanni Maria
MOTTA, Martina – POLIMI – Milan – Italy
RP22 Shaping the future of fashion-tech – business models, roles and skills aiding digital transformations CHKANIKOVA, Olga  – University of Borås – Sweden                                           PAL, Rudrajeet – University of Borås – Sweden
GUSTAFSSON, Kim – WLY Communications AB – Sweden
TIMOUR, Fredrik  – Swedish Fashion Council, Fashion Innovation Centre – Sweden

Sustainability and Consumers

Chair: Noreen Siddiqui – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK

RP7 Re-sell-Rewear: Exploring consumer engagement and involvement with redistribution fashion-markets and collaborative-consumption RITCH, Elaine
CANNING, Catherine
GUNN, Caledonia – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK
RP31 Exploration of domestic mending in fashion through material methods KUCHER, Iryna – Kolding Design School – Denmark
Testim1 Fashion collection for people with functional diversity: The space age lands to fast fashion in Spain BATALLA SÁNCHEZ, Esther – Universidad Antonio de Nebrija – Madrid – Spain

Business Models and Sustainability

Chair: Anjali Iyer – MICA – India

RP30 Is small the new green? Understanding the Indian small business model landscape IYER, Anjali – MICA – India
RP49 A Cooperative Luxury Brand In The Making – Pashmina, Yak and Camelids Fibre Value Addition in India BAHUGUNA, Abhilasha
RAJ, Nishant – Looms of Laddakh Women Cooperative – India

Fashion Marketing and Sustainability

Chair: Shalini Gupta – Pearl Academy – India

RP15 Eco-tech fashion: A visual platform to raise awareness about climate change JUNG, Yoobin – Istituto Marangoni – France
Testim3 Crafting Narratives: Co-producing Content for Social Storytelling of Indian, Craft-based, Brands GUPTA, Shalini
SRIVASTAVA, Ishi – Pearl Academy – India

Parallel Session – Day 2 – 22 October

Fashion Communication

Chair: Marco Pedroni – University of Ferrara

RP3 Co-fabricated authenticity. Trust and control in the relationship between fashion brands and digital influencers PEDRONI, Marco – University of Ferrara
COLUCCI, Mariachiara – University of Bologna – Italy
RP6 Parasocial Interaction & Relationships Within the Digital Beauty Industry: Fact or Fiction? PARKER, Eve Fern
RITCH, Elaine
SIDDIQUI, Noreen – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK
RP8 Generation-Z males perception of masculinity representations in fashion marketing CANNON, Lewis
RITCH, Elaine
DODD, Christopher – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK
RP34 Institutional logics of fashion design in the People’s Republic of Poland WÓJCIAK, Michał
POŁEĆ, Marta – Jagellonian University – Poland

Fashion Education

Chair: Ana Roncha – LCF – Univ of Arts London and Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas – British School of Fashion, GCU London

WORKS 3: Fashion Business Cases: Its potential as transformative tool in fashion education

Sustainability and Consumers

Chair: Aleksandra Jatczak-Repeć – University of Warsaw – Poland

Rfilm 1 Designing Slow fashion footwear in a pandemic: Challenges and solutions DUREJA, Mehandee – Baranjaan – India
RP16 Identity & Self Expression: Rethinking Fashion Marketing Strategies to Target Gen-X Women BROWN, Jennifer Anne
RITCH, Elaine
SIDDIQUI, Noreen – Glasgow Caledonian University – UK
RP19 What makes it last? Exploring Human Relationship traits in long-term wearer-clothing relationships NETO, Ana – University of Lisbon
FERREIRA, João Batalheiro – University Europeia – Lisbon – Portugal

Circular Economy & Sustainability

Chair: Claudia Henninger – University of Manchester – UK

RP4 The circular economy and fashion: can circularity holistically solve sustainability challenges or is it merely a fabric strategy? CLUBE, Rebecca – Imperial College – London – UK
RP11 Integrating circular fashion into heritage: regenerating crafts through local collaborative business practices NIRUNPORNPUTTA, Pathitta – Herriot Watt University – Scotland – UK
RP24 Trash-Couture – Can textile recycling of pre-consumer waste be made circular? HENNINGER, Claudia
JONES, Celina
STEELE, Rebecca – University of Manchester – UK

Innovation, Sustainability and materials

Chair: Isaac Raine – Central Saint Martins – UAL – UK

RP18 A virtual Ainu fish skin workshop during Covid-19 times PALOMINO, Elisa – Central Saint Martins – UAL – UK
FREILICH, Orit – Schenkar Engineering. Design. Art – Israel
RAINE, Isaac – Central Saint Martins – UAL – UK
RP10 The Brazilian Cotton Agribusiness: Environment and Sustainability REIS, Yamê – Istituto Europeo di Design- Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
RP39 Challenges and changes to the contemporary fashion product development process PARKER-STRAK, Rachel – University of Manchester – UK

Innovation and Sustainability

Chair: Monika Murzyn-Kupisz – Jagellonian University

RP31 Exploration of domestic mending in fashion through material methods KUCHER, Iryna – Kolding Design School – Denmark
RP46 Promoting Innovation Within the Fashion-tech Sector. The Role of Pan-European Projects DI LODOVICO, Chiara – Polytechnic of Milan – Italy
COLOMBI, Chiara – Polytechnic of Milan – Italy
RP48 Independent fashion designers as par excellence sustainable producers?
Insights from Poland
MIŚKOWIEC, Magdalena – Jagellonian University – Poland