Patrícia Ferreira

Patrícia Ferreira has graduated in Economics at the University of Porto. Having born in a family traditionally linked to textiles, Patricia has embraced the project of turning the family group: Valérius, an example in terms of circular economy and sustainability, by accepting to be the CEO of the Unit for Innovation: Valérius Hub. The Valérius Group comprises more than twelve companies from footwear to knitting, textiles and apparel.

Valérius Hub is a company who drives change and supports change for other companies within the Fashion system.  With sustainability at the heart of Valérius Hub, an investment of 25 Million euros was made, creating a leading Textile Unit in Europe for pre and Post- consumer textile waste and recycling. Patricia was the Project Manager from day 1.

Valérius Hub builds strategic partnerships supporting companies and consumers to adopt the best sustainable practices throughout an existing vertical integrated supply chain of Valérius Group. Valérius Hub has clear objectives set for the short-term, among them, the adoption of measures to ensure that more than 70% of the electricity used in their units is generated from renewable energy sources, their Design departments, both of fashion and fabrics, collaborate to systemically integrate circularity through design by applying (re)design principles on 100% of their collections, and the reduction of carbon emissions to 0 by 2030.